Church honoring New Martyrs and Confessors - Iskitim, Siberia

On the site of mass executions 1920's through 1960's
Estimated casualties 200,000+ according to Metropolitan Tikhon of Novosibirsk
One -fourth of the population of the third-largest city in Russia, Novosibirsk, was executed here.
All six bishops and 32 priests were martyred by having their own pectoral crosses and panagias heated and pushed into foreheads.
Of the 115 slave camps, execution sites, this is considered the deadliest, no survivors.
Most martyrs were first tortured.

In accordance with the Epistle of the All-Russian Sobor of Bishops on 2 February, 2011, this is the project.
The funding is from the Diaspora (us), we are safe, secure. Many of our forefathers and brethren were not as fortunate.

Download the PDF brochure describing this project in more detail.

Latest Updates:

March 28, 2013 - A report on the construction sponsored by RACS (PDF).

Today, 14 September, 2012, we see the Church in their honor rising.
Phase II, the exterior will be finished by 2 October, 2012.
Cupolas (manufactured off-site) will be installed in November.
The Blessing is scheduled for 19 January, 2013.

Latest pictures of the construction:


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