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Gifts for the village of Kluchiki

January 1, 2013

Село Ключики, далеко от всех и всего, 900 население, 95 детей. Все дети получили подарок.
Благодарим жертвователей RACS и довровольцев г. Новосибирск.
Village of Klyuchiki, far from everyone and everything, population 900, 95 children. All the children received a gift.
We thank RACS donors and the volunteers from the City of Novosibirsk.

After 90 Years

Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2012 03:26:44 -0700

Today 90 years after the soviets usurped St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Novosibirsk this Landmark was returned to the Diocese of Novosibirsk. It was not much of a 'ceremony' as +Metropolitan Tikhon of Novosibirsk and Berdsk accompanied by Rector Mitred Archpriest Alexander merely picked up a piece of paper at the Governor's office. The document provides for immediate and unconditional transfer. Reporters from newsprint and telemedia were there, but the governor had flown to Mongolia on important business. There was no formality to broadcast. However at the Cathedral I was present as Archpriest Konstantin Rabota created a Church ceremony.
This is very important to us in the Diaspora. Our grandparents escaped when the warring against God evil bolsheviks tore apart the churches. Today the damage is present but assuaged.
All Glory to God
This is an exclusive report to the world from RACS
It's 5:30 pm local time, the principle persons and I will go to dinner, Pray before the meal, and celebrate with a shot of xxxxx
Can you believe it? Such great news and only moi to report it. You are welcome to forward to your friends.

SFPD Helps Deliver Meals

Captain Richard Correia with the San Francisco Police Department lent a hand to ensuring hungry seniors in San Francisco’s Richmond District got their meals.

Thanks Captain Correia for helping RACS work towards ending senior hunger

Orphan Camp

Orphan Camp

Orphans live mostly a dreary inner- city life, colored by occassional movies such as Oliver & Annie. The children get few breaks and outside recreation. Altai is the very center/ southern outpost of Russia. This area can be described as being like Yosemite/ Tahoe areas. Fr. Victor and Matushka Olga Zotin live near Gorniy Altai,They have a modest home with few comforts, not even running water.

They do welcome orphans accompanied by priests from several cities, such as  Tomsk, Kisilevsk, and Novosibirsk. The children camp and enjoy campfires, hot dog barbecues, and river rafting. The Zotin’s son works for a river raft company and provides free rides for the orphans. They come 6 to 30 at a time for 5 to 10 days. We mentioned no running water? Yes, and no hot water, or showers, or flushing toilets. We just received a quotation for building a cinder block addition with toilet!!!, hot & cold running water, shower!!!


They also need some cots, blankets, etc. $6,000 for supplies. The labor is free except for the welding. Our only method of connecting with them before winter is with a courier leaving here Aug. 18.


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