Michael G. Storchillo School

RACS Protection of the Most Holy Virgin Fund was transferred to RACS for administration in 2007. The founder, Michael G. Storchillo was devoted to helping churches and schools in Russia. Upon his death in June 2009 the Fund decided to respond to a need and build a school in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, Siberia. The school is now complete and occupied. It is dedicated in memory of Michael G. Storchillo. There are a few details, such as the basement laboratories and rooftop observatory to finish by June 2011.

There are 51 students today, and the enrollment for September 1, 2011 is 65. The school expects full accreditation sometime in the coming school year which will reduce tuition by 75% or more. The school is growing by adding students in the entry level classes, and fully occupied it will serve 115 students. The government is allowing the parish to extend its boundaries into the adjacent forest by a couple of acres. When that is finalized, we can discuss a second building, and more on that later as architects and engineers are pondering their respective issues at this time.

We provided for all the building materials and the labor was donated. It is quite a grand building, a fitting honor for Michael G. Storchillo.

Minor details are that the tuition is about $1,700 per year for students, plus $35 per month for lunches and snacks. There are about 5 students who would enroll for next year but await a sponsor to cover about half of the costs. Why this school when there are free public schools? We received the answer rather quickly, that many of the issues that cloud public schools in the USA also degrade public education in Russia. The goal of teaching Christian ethics and the Orthodox religion if and where possible was a goal that my friend Michael sought and supported. And now, in his memory, the goal is achieved, at least for the current enrollees.


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