Feeding the Hungry

Yesterday I went to the 8th Annual Water Conservation Showcase, by PGE. We will share some new water- saving ideas later, but what was really fun was lunch. They had beautiful lunch boxes and plenty of them- so many the manager said at 2:30 “We need to shut down and throw out the rest.” I overheard that and asked them not to. They had me go back to my office, provide a ‘letterhead receipt’ and on return gave me about 150 gorgeous lunches under the condition that they be consumed today.



I agreed, but what to do with them? Our Center is all finished for the day, so is our Marin County operation. The solution was easy: I drove into the Tenderloin, parked next to a couple of sidewalk sitters and offered them food. I never left that spot, many poor persons just kept coming from all angles, on wheelchairs, hobbling, and so on. About 1/2 said “God Bless you”. I went back to the office satisfied in keeping my promise to PGE. And happy that so many deprived got a great meal.

We are friends with Food Runners http://www.foodrunners.org/. The short version is they pick up extra food from restaurants and events. Last month there was an event at Golden Gate Park. A lot of great food was prepared, then a huge storm hit and few came. Food Runners was called into action and all the food was distributed so it would be consumed by those in need.

While the show I attended was focused on water conservation we did not forget to Feed the Hungry. Thank you PGE.


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