Food Prices in Russia

Grocery costs in the Heart of Russia

Item Price per pound
Chicken broilers $1.47
Mandarin Oranges $0.68
Eggs (1 dozen) $1.22
Sunflower Oil (1 liter) $2.30
Canned Corn (5.5 oz.) $1.85
Apples $0.71
Cookies $0.25
Coffee (ground) $3.99
Bologna $2.82
Sugar $0.63
Tea $2.07
Milk (1 liter) $0.97
Oranges $0.77
Halva $3.75
Buckwheat $0.83
Rice $0.69
Cheese $2.43
Laundry Detergent $0.53

Russian Food for Russian People


PM 28 March 2011

SF’s Commission on Aging is reaffirming the Ethnic Meal Provision Policy at its next meeting. Because SF’s cultural diversity provides challenges to nutrition services ethnic meal providers are defined:

  • Governing Board at least 51% Russian
  • Daily business control by a Russian individual
  • Russian agency
  • Mission Statement delineating a purpose of serving and targeting Russians
  • Have clients who are 45% or more Russian
  • Food will not only transcend nourishing the body but will also be appropriate to Russian cultural traditions.
  • Planning of the ethnic meals must reflect the dietary customs of Russians
  • The menus, presentation of the meal must be Russian
  • Nutrition Education and other educational materials must be Russian
  • Ambiance and other supportive activities will reflect Russians

We are charged with serving Russian Food to Russian people.

RACS is proud of the ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity of our clientele


The recent freeze in the current “ready to harvest” areas has devastated crops. Tomatos, eggplant, bell peppers have risen in price by 500% or are simply not available.
“We have not seen such a situation in 50 years” said the current bulletin from SYSCO Foods. We are back to the days when winter means that just a few winter crops are available plus canned and frozen goods…
The major components such as onion, potato, carrot, cabbage, celery, and all the grains and protein sources are unharmed and available.
Oranges of all types are plentiful and delicious- navel, Valencia, tangerines, Satsumi and all the rest- build up your Vitamin C from these sources.
Since lettuce, especially Romaine, are all but wiped out we will rely on cabbage for the next several weeks.
At this writing, SF is experiencing hail- rather unusual for our fair city. The top of my black vehicle is all white, yet the sun is shining.

Great Lunches

Now serving the finest senior meals. Please come and enjoy them in our comfortable dining room. Seniors are 60+ and do not have to be SF residents. Spouses, companions welcome. Please make reservations the prior day,

call 387-5336.

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