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January 1, 2013


300 Anza St

San Francisco, CA 94118

Thanks to RACS I was able to attend the 2012 6th annual St. Herman’s West Conference in Seattle, Washington. The conference was blessed to have the wonderworking Kursk Root Icon present. The Icon was with us during church services and lectures. Some participants were even lucky enough to hold the Icon for a lengthy amount of time. I was given this rare and blessed opportunity. We started and ended our day with prayer before the Mother of God.

The theme of the youth conference was the celebration of the 5th anniversary of the reunification of the Russian Orthodox Church. The lectures were very informative and on point. One particular talk given by Fr. Alexander Krassovsky mentioned your organization, RACS, and how much you have done for the Russian community. Fr. Alexander’s topic was about preserving our Russian traditions and culture outside of Russia and that working for an organization such as RACS is a perfect opportunity to help our fellow Russians.

But, one of the most memorable moments of this year’s conference would have to be our trip to Vashon Island to visit the All Merciful Savior Orthodox Monastery and the abbot, Fr. Tryphon. The island monastery is very peaceful and gave me a detailed insight into monastic life.

Once again, I would like to thank RACS for giving me this opportunity to attend the youth conference. Because of your sponsorship, I was able to meet and socialize with Russian Orthodox youth and clergy of our diocese, and to attend lectures on topics very relevant to our youth of today. I now understand how important it is to keep our culture and traditions alive for future generations because we are the future.



Anthony Triantafillidis


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Schoolchildren visit Holy Spring, Gulag site

вот, наконец-то, выходной!
появилась свободная минутка написать тебе о том, как в этом году мы в нашей школе праздновали день святой Софии.
традиционно в этот день мы приглашаем батюшку, чтоб он освятил нашу школу.
для этого заранее пишем письмо на имя Владыки Митрополита Тихона, чтоб он благословил о. Александра Ремерова на это дело...
обычно после освящения мы либо устраивали беседу со священником, либо везли ребят на экскурсию в один из храмов нашего города или области. т.к наша школа является светским учреждением и детки , которые в ней учатся - в большинстве своем не воцерковленные, поэтому каждый год мы берем расписку с родителей, что они не против всех этих мероприятий. Чаще всего родители не  против, даже если и детки не крещены в православной вере. Единичные случаи, кому не разрешают в этом участвовать: один мальчик - его родители мусульмане, а еще двое деток (брат и сестра) - их папа матёрый коммунист. Тут комментарии излишни...
Итак, 3 человека, и это на всю школу.

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Church honoring New Martyrs and Confessors - Iskitim, Siberia

On the site of mass executions 1920's through 1960's
Estimated casualties 200,000+ according to Metropolitan Tikhon of Novosibirsk
One -fourth of the population of the third-largest city in Russia, Novosibirsk, was executed here.
All six bishops and 32 priests were martyred by having their own pectoral crosses and panagias heated and pushed into foreheads.
Of the 115 slave camps, execution sites, this is considered the deadliest, no survivors.
Most martyrs were first tortured.

In accordance with the Epistle of the All-Russian Sobor of Bishops on 2 February, 2011, this is the project.
The funding is from the Diaspora (us), we are safe, secure. Many of our forefathers and brethren were not as fortunate.

Download the PDF brochure describing this project in more detail.

Latest Updates:

March 28, 2013 - A report on the construction sponsored by RACS (PDF).

Today, 14 September, 2012, we see the Church in their honor rising.
Phase II, the exterior will be finished by 2 October, 2012.
Cupolas (manufactured off-site) will be installed in November.
The Blessing is scheduled for 19 January, 2013.

Latest pictures of the construction:

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