RACS serves meals to seniors 60+ five days a week in our 300 Anza Street dining room. Meals are authentic Russian prepared by Executive Chef Vladimir Krilov. For reservations please call (415) 387-5336 prior day. For groups of 6-12 we can provide a private dining room. Suggested donation is $2 for seniors and $6 for non-seniors.

RACS delivers Fresh & Hot meals to frail home-bound seniors 5 days, with a double pack for weekends. We use a special hot & cold truck to keep the meal temperatures safe and delicious.

RACS delivers meals to Younger Disabled Adults, a program we initiated in four counties- Placer, Nevada, San Francisco, and Marin. YDA’s can be disabled for many reasons from Multiple Sclerosis, to amputees, to other ailments. Institute on Aging (415) 750-4150 provides intakes and evaluations for this program.

  • RACS San Francisco Meals programs are primarily funded by SF Office on the Aging, Older Americans Act.
  • RACS Charities is the fund raising arm to fill funding gaps.
  • RACS Protection of the Most Holy Virgin Fund provides assistance to schools, churches, monasteries, and orphanages in Russia. Entirely donor borne.
  • RACS Protection Fund II provides help with various missions in Siberia. Entirely donor borne.
  • RACS Saint Olga’s Home provides low cost senior housing in the heart of San Francisco, ten units.

RACS - a 501c3 Non Profit organization established in 1977 and has the experience of over TWO MILLION SENIOR MEALS SERVED AND DELIVERED. RACS is short for Russian American Community Services Association of San Francisco, Inc. Federal Tax ID # 94-2515360.

All-Merciful Saviour Monastery

The aerial photographs of All- Merciful Saviour Monastery, Vashon Island Washington, were taken this past Saturday by Abbot Tryphon. After years of hardship and struggle, Fathers Tryphon and Paul were able to secure sixteen acres in the midst of a County watershed forest. The monastery's acreage is therefore increased tenfold, adding to the solitude and privacy so need for the solitary life of the monks.

Back in the early 1990's, a donor gave the monks the first five acres, but a 'hostile' neighbor owned a pivotal 11 acres, through which the monks had a right-of-way.
The young neighbor hated having the monks next door, and proceeded to physically assault Abbot Tryphon, and desecrate the 12-foot cross that greeted visitors at the street level easement entrance to the property.

The young man eventually placed the property on the market, but refused to let the monks make an offer. However, a Portland, Oregon banker, a spiritual son of  Father Tryphon, miraculously was able to borrow the money needed to make an offer. The man rejected the offer, and began to subdivide the land. The banker, at that moment, made the offer himself, without the owner knowing his connection to the monks. The monks did not have the money to purchase these acres, at any price.

In the hour of their greatest need, the Myrrh-Streaming Icon of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, arrived. The guardian of the Icon, together with carriers (I was among the trio) arrived so that Abbot Tryphon could bless the neighboring land with the precious myrrh. Within a short time, the monks owned the land. That which began with the desecration of the holy cross, ended when Father Tryphon signed the deed, on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.
This is how community collaboration works:
Start with good intentions
Things will go right.... and we write this now that the money Father Tryphon needed to pay off the essential vehicle has been delivered.

Thank you!

Vashon Island Car Appeal

All-Merciful Saviour Monastery needs help to purchase a vehicle not just for basic transportation but Abbot Tryphon provides chaplain services to the Island's population, consoling families of all faiths in emergencies. A full story below. For now we ask for small donations of $20 per person to complete this vehicle purchase. Thank you

Dear Reverend Fathers, Clergy and Laity of the Western American Diocese,

I am writing with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill to appeal for your assistance with an important need that has arisen at one of our monasteries. The need is immediate, and we hope is something that we can help to meet swiftly.

The primary car used by All-Merciful Saviour Monastery on Vashon Island has died permanently, leaving Abbot Tryphon, Hieromonk Paul and Monk Moses extremely hindered in their transportation. Though the monastery is beautifully remote, it exercises special missionary work for which a car is essential. Father Tryphon answers calls 24/7 as a chaplain for the whole island, which is 36.99 sq miles (95.8 km²), working together with the police and fire services (last year being called to console some 67 victims and their families); and he often visits schools and colleges on the mainland to speak about Orthodoxy — especially to young people.

None of this is possible without a car. Fortunately, a reliable Toyota van with very low mileage (51 thousand miles) and in excellent condition has been located, available for immediate purchase for only $14,630.00. Some $10,100.00 has already come in from donors who have heard of this need directly, but we are issuing a special appeal through the Diocese to help the monastery with the purchase of this automobile, which will benefit and bless their work for years to come.

PLEASE CAN YOU CONSIDER HELPING, either at a personal or parish level, in supporting our northernmost monastic community in this way? Donations in ANY amount are welcome, but especially larger amounts that will help us reach the total quickly, so that purchase and payment of the car can be accomplished while it is still available.

To assist with this special appeal, RACS (Russian American Community Services, based in San Francisco) has partnered with the Diocese and made a PayPal button available on its web site (www.racssf.org), where you can donate on-line right now. Alternatively, you can send checks into the Diocese at 598 15th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94118. Please mark 'Vashon Island Car Appeal' in the memo line — and we will make sure every penny is passed along to the monastery immediately. In all cases (whether you write a cheque or donate on-line), your donations are tax deductible as both the Monastery and the Diocese are 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organizations.

On behalf of the Diocesan administration, I'm very grateful in advance to the support I am trusting in God we will receive from this appeal. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on (415) 412-5180.


INXC, Archimandrite Irenei
Dean for Monastic Life


Alternatively, you can send checks into the Diocese at 598 15th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94118. Please mark 'Vashon Island Car Appeal' in the memo line.

Ukraine's Collateral Damage

In the poorest of situations a nun is supporting and caring for nine disabled abandoned children and seven frail seniors. The government provides a support of $300-$400 monthly- total. $10 per day does not cover the expenses of food, heating, supplies for residents plus the two volunteer staff. 
RACS has offered $200 per month plus more if we raise it. Please support this cause as during these trying times the weakest are those that suffer the greatest. We have two secure methods of getting the help there. 100% of your donations will reach the Target.


Aleksey Kovalenko, Project Coordinator

or checks may be mailed to: RACS 300 Anza Street San Francisco CA 94118


Poklonny Krest in the village of Zemledelets

Eugene Borisow was born in Byelorussia in 1927. In 1941, his father was executed by the Communists - reason unknown. Later, his mother ran afoul of invading Nazi's. Her brother was the manager of the train station and she helped him hide the operational plans of this station, as without them the invaders could not easily use this transport mode for their purposes. She was found and executed. Eugene was orphaned at age 14. He ended up in Austria. The liberating armies offered him a job in a gold mine in Canada for five years in return for which he would gain USA citizenship. After that stint he worked until retirement for SF's Water Dept.

We went halibut and salmon fishing in Alaska some years back. "I have never done any charitable donations in my life, do it for me but do not tell who the beneficiary is". We found Lila with three orphans. Her husband, a roofer, fell down off a roof and died. The Russian version of 'Worker's Comp' gave her $200. That's all. Eugene gave her $1,000.

Last Christmas we told him about the Poklonny Krest in the Village of Kluchiki. Eugene now sponsors one in the village of Zemledelets in memory of his parents. Here is the text for the plaque and a picture of the cross.
The third RACS- sponsored cross will be erected in the Village of Novopokrovka soon, then a fourth in the Kamchatka region. Cost- $1,000 per cross including manufacture, delivery, concrete foundation, and plaque. The local bishop blesses the crosses and a village- wide picnic celebration follows.
We have inquiries from several more potential donors. These Poklonny Crosses are a follow-up on the St Andrew's Mission sponsored by RACS. During 2006-2013 over 5,000 Baptized and 35,000 medical screenings in remote Siberia. In a few hours our entourage departs for the teeny village of Novopokrovka - 510km (317 miles) due West from the City of Novosibirsk. Christmas gifts and chocolates for all 74 children. Thank you RACS donors and local sponsors.

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